Medicare Rebate Options – Chronic Disease Management Plans

There are a number of Allied Health items that can be claimed for services provided by approved Allied Health professionals. The Chronic Disease Management Plan is available for patients with a chronic or terminal medical condition and complex care needs. Medicare benefits are available for up to 5 Allied Health services per eligible patient, per […]


If you notice your child sometimes has a breathy, hoarse or raspy voice, this could mean that they have damage to their vocal folds. Damaged vocal folds can lead to long-term voice issues that may require therapy or surgery. Some behaviours that could result in damaged vocal folds include: Coughing or frequent throat clearing Frequent […]

Abstract Abilities Community Hub

Abstract Abilities is a newly founded community hub supporting families needing to gain access to service providers and resources that support persons who have been diagnosed with a silent ability. Help Abstract Abilities raises awareness and advocate for persons with: Autism CAS – Childhood Apraxia of Speech Mental Health Check out their social media pages […]

Face Masks

We have increased our mask wearing in the clinic and community when providing allied health services. There is some great information on the NSW Government Website about when to wear masks, who should be wearing a mask and what kind of masks are suitable. Click here for more information.

Mental Health Supports

There is a growing and ever present need for Mental Health Supports in our communities. Health Direct have compiled a list of resources, links and supports for people who are experiencing difficulties with Mental Health here.

Carers NSW

Carers NSW is an organisation to support carer’s in their roles across NSW. This includes those caring for individuals with support needs relating to ageing, disability, health and mental illness. They offer services including carer counselling, improving carer recognition and support, providing resources, education and training to support carers and facilitating carer support programs and groups. […]

Dekko Comics

Do you have an older child who is struggling at school and finding it hard to engage them in their learning? Check out these new comic book style learning support materials from Dekko Comics! Dekko Comics

Support for Domestic Violence

The Australian Government has some great resources and supports for people who are experiencing domestic violence. Information about support services, social workers, legal and housing aid is available via the link below. Please reach out if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence. Australian Government Family and Domestic Violence Supports

Positive Partnerships – Free Webinars

Positive Partnerships are releasing free weekly webinars including topics from health and hygiene to communication and autism. Check them out via their website or Facebook page. Positive Partnerships Facebook Page Positive Partnerships Website

Creative Writing Resource Pack – Puffin Books

Puffin Books have a downloadable worksheet resource for creative writing. Made up of 5 lessons and resources including creating ideas and characters and writing a story. It looks great! Check it out here