Whole School Therapy Services

Our Goal: To support schools in developing high quality educational programs to support all students at all levels.

Our motivated staff, including a Multisensory trained therapist, aim to provide support to our clients, their families and the greater community to support development and communication growth.

How can we help your school? All Abilities Therapy and Support Services offers a 3 tier service model that includes whole school, small group and individual approaches as well as professional development options. We aim to provide practical solutions through modelling and follow up with staff as well as supportive programming to up skill your staff to implement strategies within their already busy scheduling.

How do we do this? We listen! We are not here to tell you what you need. We are here to find out what you need and work with you to make strategies functional and practical. Complex programs are not practical for our hard-working teachers. We aim to engage strategies within their existing programming.

How are we different? What we offer that many other services do not is local clinics where families can access privately paid services for those children who need more specialised one on one support. We also have the ability to engage Speech Pathologists and/or Occupational Therapists to provide programming and support depending on your school’s requirements.