We offer a range of standardised and multi-disciplinary assessments to determine individual’s strengths and needs.

Our range of assessments include:

Language Assessment: Used to identify areas of strength and difficulty in producing and understanding words, sentences and conversation. This is completed with a Speech Pathologist.

Speech Pathology Assessment: A range of assessments to assess individual’s communication skills including language, speech, social communication, fluency/stuttering, voice and literacy skills for written communication.

Feeding Assessment: Assessments for toddlers and children who are experiencing issues with feeding. This may include “fussy eaters” or difficulty with the ability to chew and swallow food. It may involve Speech Pathology and/or Occupational Therapy assessments depending on the nature of the food challenges.

Swallowing Assessment: Used to provide support and recommendations for people experiencing difficulty swallowing drinks or food.

Occupational Therapy Assessment: A comprehensive range of assessments are available to determine an individual’s independent living skills, motor skill capacities, visual processing skills, handwriting development and/or ability to process and interpret sensory information.

Living Skills Assessment: A comprehensive assessment of an individual’s independent living skills to identify what supports are needed for someone to live safely and independently in their home.