Assessment Clinic

What is Assessment Clinic?

Assessment clinic is sessions put aside for clients who are looking for one off assessments. This might be for the purpose of seeking funding, for clarifying the areas of difficulty or because it has been recommended to them. 

What happens in Assessment Clinic?

We have a number of assessment packages available for assessing some of the more common areas of difficulty. The amount of time and cost varies, depending on the assessment time. All costs are based on both the face-to-face time required as well as the report writing time required. 

Are there potential additional costs?

If clients arrive late to the scheduled sessions, the clinician may not be able to complete all planned assessments. As our clinicians have a tight schedule, we are unable to continue past the scheduled appointment block and the client would be liable to pay the additional cost of further assessment sessions in this case.

On some occasions, there can be difficulties with engagement or compliance with the assessment processes resulting in an inability to complete all planned tasks. This may result in the clinician providing the option of forgoing the additional assessments and the recommendations being made based on the available/completed assessments or coming back to complete the additional assessments for an additional fee. The clinician would be able to provide recommendations around this at the time. 

Will I be provided with a report?

All assessments include a written report within the cost structure

Speech Pathology Assessments - Children

Speech Pathology Assessments - Adults

Occupational Therapy Assessments - Children